Tirto is the co-founder and principal of Stradasol. Tirto is the ex-Yahoo Data Engineer and a Silicon Valley veteran where he resides since 1996. He co-founded Adskom, a leading Programmatic Advertising Company in Southeast Asia; and Palapa Ventures, an early-stage VC Firm with a focus on deep tech. Tirto earned his MSc in Computer Science from SJSU and Data Mining Certification from Stanford.

Co-Founder and Principal

Tirto Adji, MSc

Sergii is a Ukrainian native and an experienced software developer. Sergii has over 12+ years of experience in programming. He is the former CTO of Scotty, the largest Food Delivery, Courier Service, and Ride-sharing App in Turkey. Sergii graduated with a Master Degree in Computer Science from Kamianets-Podilsky University, Ukraine. He advises and mentors startup companies like Mynaworks and AltoShift on best practices in software architecture and development.

Co-Founder and CTO

Sergii Domanitskiy, MSc

Albert is the co-founder and VP Engineering of Stradasol, a technology consulting and advisory, which focuses on delivering large-scale and high-availability software based in Palo Alto, CA. He also co-founded AltoShift, a specialized search engine for enterprises. Albert has an extensive experience working at various highly technical roles at Yahoo, Opera Software, and Adskom since 2008. Albert graduated from SJSU with a Master of Science Degree in Computer Science.

Co-Founder and VP Engineering

Albert Sutojo, MSc


Dr. Cheng is a renowned expert in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence  (AI) with 15+ years of experience. She earned her Doctorate degree from MIT in Computer Science and AI, and worked as Chief Data Scientists at big financial institutions like American Express, JP Morgan and BankRate.com; as well as Research Scientists at IBM and Microsoft. She is currently serving as Chief Data Scientist of IO-Tahoe, a smart Data Discovery Platform for Financial Services and an advisor to Hatcher+, a Venture Capital firm that uses AI to make investments decisions.

Senior Advisor and Machine Learning/AI Expert

Winnie Cheng, PhD


Dr. Hidayat is the creator of the widely popular open source projects: EsprimaJS and PhantomJS, and an expert in security and Software Development Lifecycle. He is the former VP of Engineering at Shape Security and Engineering Director at Sencha. Dr. Hidayat earned his Ph.D. in Physics from Paderborn University in Germany with magna cum laude. Dr. Hidayat has over 15+ years of Software Industry experience.

Consultant and Software Engineering Expert

Ariya Hidayat, PhD

Prasanna is a veteran software engineer with more than two decades of experience in Software Engineering and Big Data. His career started in 2000 and includes technical positions at big tech companies like Microsoft, Yahoo, Oracle; as well as startup companies like TouchPoint and Adskom. Prasanna held a Master of Technology Degree in Computer Science from Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur.

Consultant and Big Data Expert

Prasanna Satyamurthy, MT